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Day Three • October 21

The Fresh Coast Film Festival is hosted by several venues around Marquette. We couldn’t bring this festival to life without the generous support of these venues-please buy their beer, eat their food and thank them profusely like we do. Festival headquarters is located at Campfire Coworks, with outdoor tours headquartered at Down Wind Sports. Most venues are within a half-mile walk. Some venues may have limited seating.

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Saturday Venues

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  • Contains adult language
Sat, Oct 21 Saturday, Oct 21

Outdoor Tours

Join us for one of 13 outdoor tours in and around Marquette County. Outdoor Tours are headquartered at Down Wind Sports and have limited capacities. See the tours

Found Footage Fest at Fresh Coast!

Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett grew up in Wisconsin as childhood friends and now have the dubious distinction of having amassed the world’s largest collection of VCR tapes.
They’ve scoured the nation’s thrift stores and rummage sales for VHS gold in order to find the long-lost cringe from workout videos, home videos, self-help miscellany, animals, and literally anything you can imagine and beyond. The antics and absurdities from the VHS era are easy to forget in today’s world, but when curated by two hard-working comedic geniuses, it makes for pure, timeless laughs.
These former writers for The Onion and The Tonight Show are cassette tape archaeologists whose life’s work is finding gloriously terrible footage in the most unlikely places, editing it together, and creating a live show they bring all over America.
They call it The Found Footage Festival–we call it genius, and welcome it home to the Fresh Coast.

Fresh Coast Basecamp at Lower Harbor Park

After Party!

Blackrocks Brewery

Join us Saturday evening at 9PM for a Fresh Coast after party. This is a chance to visit with filmmakers, fellow attendees, organizers, and enjoy a brew from one of our favorite local breweries. Blackrocks Brewery has been a proud Fresh Coast supporter since year one.