Friday, October 20th

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Festival Venues

The Fresh Coast Film Festival is hosted by several venues around Marquette. We couldn’t bring this festival to life without the generous support of these venues-please buy their beer, eat their food and thank them profusely like we do. The festival headquarters is located at The Delft Bistro, while most outdoor tours are headquartered at Down Wind Sports. Most venues are within a half-mile walk. Some venues may have limited seating.

2018 Tentative Schedule and Presenters

Thursday, Marquette Commons:

Food Truck Rally
Come sample Marquette’s mobile munchy scene for dinner before the kickoff

Adventuremobile Show and Tell
Van lifers, Overlanders, bike tourers, canoe trippers and more will meet up at the Fresh Coast to show off their custom rigs. Got a rig? Let us know and we’ll find you a spot (space limited, first come first served)

Northern Michigan University Presents
Fresh Coast Coast Free: Join us under the Big Top for free films and popcorn! Films TBA

Culture of Cult Art Show
Meet Fresh Coast 2018 guest artist Jacob Rosenburg and dozens more artists from across the US as they converge for the second collaboration between COC and FCFF.


8-Noon  Outdoor Tours

Noon-4 Multiple film blocks at 6 downtown venues, films TBA

7 pm Kaufman Auditorium Fresh Coast Presents
JJ Kelley: Science, Exploration and Adventure J.J. Kelley is a twice Emmy-nominated director and correspondent. Kelley is a Senior Producer at EXPLORER, National Geographic’s flagship documentary series as well as host of The Travel Channels series Off The Map. He is a reporter for National Geographic’s new Investigation Explorer, and he regularly produces short films for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service highlighting their endangered species programs. The Minnesota native is excited to get back to the Fresh Coast and share his films and tales of global travel.

Afterparty: Blackrocks Brewery


8-Noon  Outdoor Tours

10-4 Multiple film blocks at 6 downtown venues, films TBA

7 pm Kaufman Auditorium Fresh Coast Presents
Mike and Lilliana Libecki National Geographic Explorer and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Mike Libecki can define his life in two ways: An obsession with exploring and climbing the worlds most remote and untouched corners of the planet to find huge, world class first ascents…And a being a dedicated father to a daughter that wants to help save the world. Join Mike and his 14 year old daughter-turned humanitarian and adventurer Lilliana Libecki as they takes us on a journey to some of the most remote exploratory and climbing expeditions possible from Antarctica to Greenland. Ever wondered what its like to go on assignment on the most challenging expeditions in the world and bring home stories for National Geographic? He and his team from National Geographic will attempt to climb some of the most difficult big wall climbs on the planet, enduring 100 mph winds in a place where rescue is impossible. Then head to unexplored Greenland for paddle boarding with polar bears, barely surviving sea ice, and climbing one of the biggest towers in Greenland…Then journey with Lilliana Libecki on humanitarian efforts around the world from Nepal to Peru! Come explore remote Earth and experience the immaculate mayhem, magic, power and beauty of our Mother Earth and the parallel commonalities learned that relate to everyday life.

Afterparty: Ore Dock Brewing Company


8-Noon Outdoor Tours

10-4 Multiple film blocks at 5 downtown venues, films TBA

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Outdoor Tours

Join us for one of 7 outdoor tours in and around Marquette County. Outdoor Tours are headquartered at Down Wind Sports and have limited capacities. See the tours

Fresh Coast After Party

Blackrocks Brewery