How to Fresh Coast

How to Fresh Coast

Fresh Coast can be a little overwhelming, so here are some thoughts on how to get the most out of the festival.

Purchase a patron, weekend, day, or student pass online until October 16 at 6 p.m. or at our festival HQ starting Thursday morning. It’s a huge help to us to process our sales through the site, so snag your ticket early if you can. This way you have first dibs on signing up for a FREE outdoor tour, as well.

Still on the fence?
Check out the Fresh Coast Free kickoff and Food Truck Rally Thursday, Oct 17 under the big tent at Fresh Coast Basecamp at Lower Harbor Park. Then purchase a weekend or day pass at Campfire Coworks. If you preregistered (thank you!) the HQ is also where you’ll pick up your wristband, program and find FCFF merchandise for sale.

Once you have a ticket, before all else, stop by FC headquarters to pick up your wristband and program.

Now, let’s go #FreshCoasting!

1) Prepare to drink from the Fresh Coast firehose
There’s no other way to say this: You won’t see everything this weekend. That’s just the nature of film festivals like Fresh Coast. Think of it like a music festival with multiple stages – not like going to your local theater. In order to get the most from the weekend you might want to look through the program schedule and make a plan before the weekend starts. Or if you want to just “wing” it, we’re good with that, too!

2) Be sure to attend our evening features
Returning for 2024 is our Fresh Coast Base Camp at Lower Harbor. A huge screen, lots of room to move, heaters and fresh air will make this one of the most memorable events you’ve attended. We recommend donning your best long johns, plaid shirt and puffy coat to join us for Fresh Coast Free Thursday night. Let’s fill the tent!

3) Meet a filmmaker or film subject
One of the things we are proud of is the number of filmmakers and film subjects we have attend our festival. The cool thing is that we’re a small and laid back festival, so it’s totally cool to say “hi” to those folks. Ask questions, share some food or beverages, swap stories, and work on changing the world together.

4) Enjoy the food and beverage
Many of our venues, which are also our sponsors, serve amazing craft brews, coffee, or cocktails. Some serve food or work with the local food trucks. Say thanks to the folks who help pay for the Fresh Coast Festival by supporting their business. You won’t be sorry.

5) Thank a volunteer
No, seriously, thank a volunteer. There are well over 100 of them and they are the only reason this Fresh Coast boat stays afloat. Fresh Coast is 100% volunteer organized and run. 100%. That means every volunteer you see is here because they believe in the festival and many of them have worked hours and hours to bring you this year’s film festival.

7) Get outside and play!
Yep - we’re channeling our inner mothers and fathers right now. But, really. The UP is amazing. Marquette is the perfect launching pad for an adventure. Go play. Watch films. Shake hands. Drink beer. Eat food. Repeat.

That’s #FreshCoasting

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