Joe Gothic

Film Synopsis

Kids and bikes, wherever you are in the world, you’ll find the two together - smiling, aimlessly drifting. The bike for most kids is a first sense of afforded freedom. As we get older that senseless joy for cycling is lost, typically dampened by our transition into adulthood. Yet - there is nothing typical about Joe Warren; a retired professor who, during his tenure at the University of Utah, moonlit as a sound engineer for beat and reggae bands. Since discovering downhill mountain biking at the age of 60 to conquering the most challenging trails across North America, Joe’s story is anything but ordinary. He was born in 1947 in the post-depression ravaged era of Detroit, where most of his friends turned to drugs, or crime. Sometimes both. He now resides in the unwavering beauty of Utah’s Wasatch Back, where he ascends mountains the size of skyscrapers. He’s an astronaut.