Just Bikes

4 films in this block • 64 minutes

The Films

Inseparable: Myia

  • Year 2022
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 11 min
  • Director Andrew Harrison-Brown

Michigan Premiere, Family Friendly

As one of only 30 fluent Squamish language speakers left in Squamish Nation, Myia Antone teaches as a way to preserve her language for generations to come. Seeking to learn more about her culture and language, Myia uses her mountain bike as a needle weaving through her ancestral lands and language. While biking with other Indigenous women, Myia utilizes the Squamish language to point out geographical features and native plants on rides. Weaving complex conversations through nuanced layers of generational trauma, Inseparable ultimately paints Indigenous joy and community as vital elements for a path forward.

Pace of Change

  • Year 2023
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 20 min
  • Director Kody Kohlman

Filmmaker in Attendance, Adult Language, Michigan Premiere

Peter Hogan’s life went off the rails when he descended into heroin addiction as a teenager. As he began the road to recovery, he picked up a bicycle. In this film, Peter dives into his unique relationship with cycling and how the road to recovery isn’t a linear path.

The Right to Joy

  • Year 2023
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 20 min
  • Director Jay Melena & Tim Kressin

Michigan Premiere

As a trans-masculine cyclist and policy scholar, Izzy Sederbaum was searching for community and acceptance within the sport. After surviving a rare cougar attack on a ride outside of Seattle in early 2018, Izzy was hospitalized with severe facial trauma while hateful anti-trans rhetoric filled comment sections of news articles that he had little to no control over. In the years since, he has struggled to overcome his anxiety of being alone in the woods and the self-doubt brought on by strangers after the attack. Despite these challenges, Izzy found solace and support in the Seattle cycling community, which reignited his passion for the sport. This film follows Izzy’s journey as he navigates the aftermath of the attack, overcomes his fears, and becomes a vocal advocate for diversity and trans inclusion within cycling communities across the country.

Sight Unseen: Norway

  • Year 2023
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 13 min
  • Director Brice Shirbach

Filmmaker in Attendance, Subject in Attendance, Family Friendly, World Premiere

_Sight Unseen: Norway** **_is a short film that dives deep into the personal and emotional impact that riding in unfamiliar places can have on a rider. It’s ultimately a celebration of the growth that comes from those experiences and is meant to encourage others to pursue it for themselves amidst the jaw dropping backdrop of Sogndal, Norway.