Creation Theory

3 films in this block • 63 minutes

The Films

Creation Theory

  • Year 2022
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 22 min
  • Director Ben Sturgulewski

Family Friendly, Michigan Premiere

In the Westfjords of Iceland, where mountains meet the sea, creativity finds its ultimate human expression: a surfer on a wave, a snowboarder on a peak, a musician on a stage. Creation Theory seeks to find the parallels between sport and music, and answer the question: where does creativity come from?

Senghor Reid: Make Way For Tomorrow

  • Year 2022
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 13 min
  • Director Desmond Love and Eden Sabolboro

Filmmaker in Attendance, Staff Pick

Filmmakers Desmond Love and Eden Sabolboro illuminate the world of visual artist Senghor Reid, who draws inspiration for his paintings from current events and from his hometown of Detroit. Reid’s colorful and evocative paintings of human subjects in strange yet familiar environments inspire audiences with future visions of hope and possibility.

Um Yes, Hello

  • Year 2021
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 28 min
  • Director Thomas Sawyer

Filmmaker in Attendance, Subject in Attendance, First Time Filmmaker, Michigan Premiere, Family Friendly, Staff Pick

Geo Rutherford is a TikTok creator and educator, whose viral videos about the world’s strangest and most breathtaking bodies of water have been seen by millions. Diving deeper into her complex relationship with science and education, this documentary follows the artist as she sifts through The Great Lakes’ detritus, gathering found objects to create her largest installation to date.