Betty, Julieta and Nahli!

3 films in this block • 69 minutes

The Films

North Shore Betty

  • Year 2022
  • Country Canada
  • Runtime 12 min
  • Director Travis Rummel + Darcy Hennessey

Adult Language

The misty forests above North Vancouver, British Columbia are hallowed ground for mountain biking, a place so harrowing it’s influenced every aspect of the sport for over 30 years. It’s also where Betty Birrell, at age 45, picked up mountain biking after a career as a mountaineer and professional windsurfer. Three decades later, the single mother is a role model for her son, her friends and anyone she’s met along the way—and proof that you’re never too old to send.

Julieta & the Turtles in the Plastic Soup

  • Year 2020
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Runtime 15 min
  • Director Mirjam Marks

Family Friendly, Staff Pick, Michigan Premiere

14-year-old Julieta lives on the Caribbean island of Curaçao and prefers to be under water rather than above. The wonderful, exciting world of the ocean feels like home to Julieta. The more time Julieta spends under water, the more she is confronted with large amounts of waste on the seabed and that makes her extremely mad. Together with other volunteers on Curaçao, Julieta rescues sea turtles in need and tries to improve their habitat. Her actions sometimes only feel like a drop in the ocean for Julieta. Staying positive and believing that you can create a better world and future is a difficult task.

Counter Methods

  • Year 2021
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 42 min
  • Director John Curtis

Family Friendly, Subject in Attendance, Filmmaker in Attendance, Staff Pick

John and Nahli Curtis are a father daughter duo on a mission to spread the stoke behind empowering young female athletes. Counter Methods is a documentary that gives an insider look at an epic adventure to the furthest most reaches of Michigan’s U.P, the Keweenaw Peninsula, and Midwest powder Mecca Mount Bohemia.