To the River

5 films in this block • 69 minutes

The Films

Zibi Yajdan

  • Year 2019
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 8 min
  • Director Brit and Taylor Hensel

Zibi Yajdan tells a story of the Kalamazoo River and her relationship to the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Pottawatomi people (Gun Lake Tribe) in the wake of the Enbridge Pipeline 6B oil spill. The Tribe leads efforts to restore and protect the Kalamazoo River, whose waters give life to habitats and natural resources intricately connected to the culture and identity of the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish people.

Superior Steel 3

  • Year 2020
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 24 min
  • Director Torrin Grange

Filmmaker in Attendance

The third film of Superior Steel brings acrobatic fish, low and high water, new and old places and the same great fish.

Water Flows Together

  • Year 2020
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 11 min
  • Director Palmer Morse, Taylor Graham, Matt Mikkelsen

Water Flows Together elevates the importance of acknowledging Indigenous land in outdoor recreation through the voice of Colleen Cooley, one of the few female Diné (Navajo) river guides on the San Juan River. In sharing Colleen’s perspective, we are given a glimpse into native views on issues of water resource management, which are often missing from larger discussions of western water challenges.

River Therapy

  • Year 2020
  • Runtime 5 min
  • Director Jorden Susewitz

Filmmaker in Attendance

There are lots of definitions of therapy. Two fishermen reflect on the peace they’ve found along the AuSable River of Michigan.

The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative

  • Year 2020
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 20 min
  • Director Grace Bright

The Arctic Grayling disappeared from Michigan waters over 100 years ago. This is the story of what it will take to bring it back. The Michigan Arctic Grayling Initiative is a partnership of over 50 organizations committed to restoring the native grayling to its Michigan habitat.

This is a project from Troy Athens High School students Grace Bright, Abby Bright, Madison Strachan, and Grace Joo.