The Urge to Travel Long Distances

4 films in this block • 71 minutes

The Films

Ice Age Trail FKT attempt

  • Year 2020
  • Runtime 10 min
  • Director Carrie and Tim Highman

Filmmaker in Attendance

Meet Midwesterner Coree Woltering, 30, as he attempts to set the men’s supported fastest known time (FKT) of 21 days, 13 hours, and 35 minutes on Wisconsin’s 1,147-mile Ice Age Trail.

Ode to Minnesota

  • Year 2020
  • Country United States
  • Runtime 27 min
  • Director Brenda Piekarski

Filmmaker in Attendance

On August 6, 2018 Stephen Schreader and Eli Nord launched on a self-made 1,000-mile journey around the arrowhead region of Minnesota by bike, canoe and foot, using primarily Minnesota-made gear. Their trip would take them through mining country and deep into the wilderness while giving a grand nod to Minnesota history, culture and trails. As with all great adventures, not everything goes as planned.

Follow these two acquaintances as their friendship develops and they attempt to complete an epic homemade adventure with over 6 weeks of trekking and their two dogs in tow.

Open Water

  • Year 2021
  • Country Canada
  • Runtime 19 min
  • Director Kalli Anderson

Open Water is a short documentary film about what it feels like to swim across the largest freshwater lake in the world. It follows 61-year-old open-water swimmer Marilyn Korzekwa as she attempts to be the first person to ever complete a crossing of the eastern end of Lake Superior, from Michigan, USA to Ontario, Canada. The film uses experimental underwater photography techniques and immersive sound design to convey the subjective experience of swimming non-stop through a night and a day. It chronicles the changing moods of the lake over the course of the swim as Marilyn and her small support crew weather the waves and numbing cold. Along the way, we get to know some of the tight-knit community of Canadian women who have, with very little fanfare, been swimming and helping each other swim The Great Lakes for three generations.

Road To Wanderlust

  • Year 2021
  • Runtime 15 min
  • Director Sam Salwei

Filmmaker in Attendance, Subject in Attendance

Meet Sam Salwei, Raquel Hernandez, and the Peace Love Car – two charmingly talented wanderers and their trusty (if quirky) steed. The Peace Love Car is one-of-a-kind. A solar panel on the roof provides power for the fridge, the seats fold down into a bed, and the oven under the hood can cook you a perfect burrito. It custom-built shocks bear 1,500lbs of adventure gear with nary a squeak (OK, not true), and it has transported its occupants with moderate reliability across almost half a million miles of open road.