Color Out Here

3 films in this block • 47 minutes

The Films

Cities to Crags: Minnesota x The UP

  • Year 2021
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 6 min
  • Director Cameron Maier

Subject in Attendance

Showcasing and amplifying the climbing culture from each of these places, from the city to the crag.

All Bodies on Bikes

  • Year 2021
  • Runtime 13 min
  • Director Zeppelin Zeerip

Kailey Kornhauser and fellow “fat cyclist” Marley Blonsky are on a mission. A mission to change the idea that people with larger bodies can’t ride bikes. They aim to make cycling more inviting to people of all sizes and expand the idea of what it means to be a cyclist — not just on screens, but on trails and in people’s minds.

Color Out Here: Shaping Narratives

  • Year 2020
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 27 min
  • Director Alice Lyn

Filmmaker in Attendance, Subject in Attendance

Alice Lyn (she/her) is a sustainability professional and outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Alice relocated to Michigan where she attended college at Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula before putting down roots in Grand Rapids. Today, Alice is the creator and host of “Color Out Here” a narrative platform and community organizing initiative designed in collaboration with WGVU and PBS that explores the barriers to inclusion faced by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship.