Dream Chasers

7 films in this block • 94 minutes

Block Description

Get inspired by great individuals taking leaps in going for what they love. Dream on!

The Films

A Cut Above

  • Year 2019
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 13 min
  • Director Kate Arpke Houle

Filmmaker in Attendance

A look at the competitive sport of lumberjacking, its history, its people, its growing diversity, and how logging has uniquely defined the Midwest for over the past century.

R.A.W. Tuba

  • Year 2019
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 29 min
  • Director Darren Durlach & David Larson

“I like the tuba because it reminds me of my life, it’s the underdog.” That’s Richard Antoine White, whose biography reads like a manual in how to overcome odds. White grew up intermittently homeless on the streets of Baltimore, and went on to become a world-class symphony musician, professor and the first African American in the world to receive a Doctorate in Music for Tuba Performance. He’s got music in him, yes. But he’s also got a drive rarely seen, even in the most competitive artistic circles. As he puts it, “the only thing that will stop me from being successful is death.”

Fast Horse

  • Year 2018
  • Country Canada
  • Runtime 14 min
  • Director Alexandra Lazarowich

Has Subtitles

Fast Horse follows the return of the Blackfoot bareback horse racing tradition in a new form: the Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison RedCrow struggles to build a team with second-hand races and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco to take on the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede.

The Rock Provides

  • Year 2019
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 12 min
  • Director Ethan Sperber

Filmmaker in Attendance

Four friends attempt to summit the Grand Teton in 2018, unprepared, they end up climbing themselves inches from death. Attempting to personally reflect on the incident, the simple question “why do I rock climb?” is harder to answer than it once seemed. After setting out on another trip west to try finding an honest answer, it is revealed that the rock provides much more than just an adrenaline rush.


  • Year 2018
  • Country Czech Republic
  • Runtime 2 min
  • Director Marek Partys

Has Subtitles, Family Friendly

In the high steppe of Little Tibet, a young boy develops an unlikely obsession: ice hockey. He fashions pucks out of stones, trains on homemade skates and worships Czech hockey icon Jaromír Jágr. And he has his heart set on an outsized dream.2

Turning Tables

  • Year 2018
  • Country Canada
  • Runtime 16 min
  • Director Chrisann Hessing

Joshua DePerry, also known as Classic Roots, is a Toronto based music producer and performer pioneering “PowWow Techno.” Redefining what it means to be urban and Indigenous, he prepares to start the next chapter of his life as an artist and educator in the world’s techno capital: Berlin.

One Small Step

  • Year 2018
  • Country USA & China
  • Runtime 8 min
  • Director Andrew Chesworth & Bobby Pontillas

Family Friendly

An ambitious young girl aspires to become an astronaut with the support of her humble father.