Now this!

6 films in this block (43 minutes)

Now this!

What can we say? This is our mixed bag film block. Check out the baseball rivalry in “Crosstown,” then get “Ready for War” with the possibility of nuclear threats. “Bloom Lagoon” slightly out of this world, but we promise to put a smile on your face with “The World’s Best Belayer” and “HAFE: The Story of Behind.” So, put on a pair of miss-matched socks, ‘cuz you’re gonna feel right at home.

The Films


  • Year 2018
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 14 min
  • Director Spencer Seibert

“Crosstown” is set against the backdrop of Chicago in 2016 as the Cubs return to the World Series for the first time since World War II. The city celebrates…some of it, that is.

J.J. Kelley: Ready for War

  • Director J.J. Kelley

Americans are now taking the commander of the Hermit Kingdom seriously on his threats of nuclear war. Kim Jong-un’s proclamations of leveling the “cesspool of evil” are now backed with missile tests demonstrating the capability of striking anywhere in the U.S.. Explorer travels from the beaches of Hawaii to the Great Plains of the Midwest to see how Americans are preparing for a nuclear attack.

Bloom Lagoon

  • Year 2018
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 9 min
  • Director Andrew Wyton

In the film, the world’s freshwater supply has become too toxic to support mass human life. A lone survivor is mystically transported back in time to the present day, where he and his surf pals were still able to enjoy the greatness of the lakes before the toxifying effects of agricultural and industrial pollution reached a tipping point.

The World's Best Belayer

  • Year 2017
  • Country France
  • Runtime 10 min
  • Director Guillaume Broust

If dirtbag dreams could come true, climbers would send routes all day and never pay dues on the other end of the rope. This dream has been realized by a handful of climbers, thanks to belay sensei Ray Verseau. Verseau has been dubbed the world’s best belayer, leaving climbers everywhere with one burning question: how can we find him?

HAFE: The Story of Behind

  • Year 2017
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 6 min
  • Director Sam Ketay

Dr. Paul Auerbach, a professor of emergency medicine at Stanford University, and Dr. York Miller, a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, were recent medical school grads when they decided to take a backpacking trip high into the San Juan Mountains. Above 11,000 feet, they experienced abdominal discomfort, bloating and premonitory belching. Wilderness medicine had no term for these combined symptoms. They dubbed it high-altitude flatus expulsion (HAFE), and their findings were published in The Western Journal of Medicine, evoking a surprising response. This film is for anyone who has ever gone camping and eaten too many beans.

Kuebiko - In Time

  • Year 2018
  • Country USA
  • Runtime 4 min
  • Director Joseph Daniel McMahon

Music video featuring local Surfer Dan.